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The gallery is distributed as free-ware but if you decide to use it in any business or just decide that it's worth it, any donations will be greatly appreciated.

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This is a small database driven gallery created to be implemented within your existing site. The coding is reasonably straight forward and can be easily moved into your existing development by anyone with basic understanding of PHP. Only a first attempt at the system has a long way to go, but it provides you with all the necessary tools to run your own picture gallery, such as uploading of multiple images and creation of thumbnails.

A new version has been uploaded in which:
I cleaned up some code, still ways to go
Some security has beed added to the visitor facing areas of the gallery, to ensure against MySQL injection attacks
The images and thumbnails are now going to be kept in "gallery_images" and "gallery_thumbnails" forlders respectively to ensure they don't conflict with other image folders of already existing site.

How to install

Installing is prety straight forward:
unzip the files
copy them to your server next to your sites files
go to http:yoursite/gallery_administration/install.php
enter all the necessary information in to the form
click submit

after instalation is complete, delete the "install.php" file

Why store thumbnails on the server? Why not create them dynamicaly?

All of us hope that our site will become a busy place with more then one visitor a year and as the time passes there's usualy more then one picture that will end up in the gallery. When your site becomes popular, the time it takes to load the site becomes very important. Creating thumbnails from larger images is OK when there are few users and few images, but will become taxing for servers as the time goes by, significantly slowing your site. Extra storage space is cheap our days and the thumbnails won't take much of it, so I think that this is the price well worth paying to ensure that your visitors won't have to spend ages waiting for your server to create yet another set of thumbnails or while it has to free up some of its cash to run other apps.